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Page 3--Articles By Bill Walker

FOAVC Co-Founder Bill Walker has been an advocate for an Article V Convention for twenty five years. During that time he has written numerous articles on the Article V Convention. Beginning in 2000 Mr. Walker filed the first of two federal lawsuits in United States history regarding the obligation of Congress to call an Article V Convention. A detailed record of the suits may be found at: His second lawsuit, Walker v Members of Congress, filed in 2004, was appealed to the Supreme Court of the United States. Mr. Walker has spoken at  Cooley Law SchoolPart 1), (Part 2) and Harvard Law School. He helped gather for the first time in United States history the public record of state applications into a single photographic record presenting the actual text of state applications viewable on the Internet. Previous published lists only presented the congressional record references but did not show the actual texts of the applications.

Links to his works are listed below. Anyone wishing to contact Mr. Walker may do so at:

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