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Page 16--FOAVC Contact Page

Please use the information below to inform FOAVC about events regarding the Article V Convention movement, submit a proposed article, send us an inquiry, or contact us regarding problems or errors on our site. Unlike many other groups in the Article V Convention movement FOAVC policy is to correct errors that may have inadvertently appeared on its site. We therefore welcome feedback.

Note: FOAVC refers to the rules of "English grammar" in discussing various aspects of Article V. While FOAVC relies on the best knowledge available regarding the rules of "English grammar" nevertheless errors of grammar occur. We request anyone finding errors of English grammar on this site please bring it to the attention of FOAVC so it may be addressed. This site does not purport to be an "expert" on all rules of English grammar. We merely wish to point out anyone studying the Constitution must accept those who wrote that instrument were well versed in those rules and they were not disregarded during the composition of the Constitution. Thus a proper interpretation of the intent and meaning of the words, phrases and so forth used in the Constitution requires, at the minimum, a clear understanding of the rules of English language and their effect and affect on the language of the Constitution.

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