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Page 14--FOAVC Audio/Video Page

Welcome to the FOAVC Audio/Video Page where we present various Internet audio and video files dealing with an Article V Convention. Throughout the years FOAVC has either produced videos and audio recordings regarding the Article V Convention or its members have participated in conferences or interviews which were recorded on various radio and Internet interviews. In some cases the links shown go to sites which may discuss other political subjects. The posting of these links does not imply FOAVC in any way supports any particular amendment subject discussed or political point of view presented other than supporting the calling of an Article V Convention. The various links may be viewed or heard by clicking on the icon to the left of the description. (Please allow time for the file to download to your computer).


On September 17, 2010, A Cooley Law Review Symposium was held on September 17, 2010 in Michigan to discuss the subject of an Article V Convention. Various speakers comments may be viewed by clicking the icons next to their names. In some instances the comments are divided in parts. Part I is to the far left followed by the remaining parts.

VideoProfessor Phil Prygoski, Cooley Law School

VideoVideoProfessor Robert G. Natelson, Retired Professor University of Montana Law School; Senior Fellow  Constitutional Jurisprudence, Independence Institute, Denver Colorado; Senior Fellow Goldwater Institute, Phoenix, Arizona

VideoVideoBill Walker, co-founder Friends of the Article V Convention (FOAVC)

VideoVideoJoel S. Hirschhorn, Author of Delusional Democracy (2006) and former Chairperson of the Independent Party in Maryland

VideoVideoHon. Thomas E. Brennan, Former Michigan Supreme Court Justice, Founder, Cooley Law School

VideoVideoWilliam H. Furth Author of Ten Amendments for Freedom (2006) and President of POLICOM Corp.

VideoVideoJudge James L. Ryan Senior Circuit Judge for the United States Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals

VideoVideoProfessor Paul D. Carrington Law professor at Duke University School of Law and author of Reforming the Court: Term Limits for Supreme Court Justices (2006)

On September 24, 2010 a "Conference on a Constitutional Convention" was held at Harvard Law School in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Excerpts from the conference may be viewed below.

VideoStrategic Panel Discussion September 24, 2011 at Harvard Law School, "Conference on a Constitutional Convention."

VideoSpeech by Bill Walker September 24, 2011 at the Harvard Law School, "Conference on a Constitutional Convention."

Other FOAVC Videos

VideoWalker-England Article V Convention Debate August 21, 2014 (audio only)

VideoByron DeLear, co-founder of Friends of the Article V Convention (FOAVC) joins hosts Nick and Paul on the Nick and Paul show to discuss the applications for an Article V Convention from all 50 states, May 20, 2009.

VideoFOAVC video: (May 11, 2009)--Rebuttal of Errors and Falsehoods about Article V (Part 3 of 4)

VideoFOAVC video: (January 16, 2009)--Rebuttal of Errors and Falsehoods about Article V (Part 2 of 4)

VideoFOAVC video: (January 3, 2009)--Rebuttal of Errors and Falsehoods about Article V (Part 1 of 4)

VideoFOAVC video: (July 4, 2008)--Article V and Congress: Velvet Glove, Iron Tyrant

VideoFOAVC  video (March 22, 2008)--Take the FOAVC Constitution Knowledge Test

VideoFOAVC video (January 20, 2008)--More Lies the Media Tells

VideoFOAVC video: (January 24, 2008)--What Do All of These Presidential candidates share in common?

VideoFOAVC video: (January 6, 2008)--Correcting the Half-Truths of the Washington Times

VideoFOAVC video: (December 24, 2007)--Why Do We Need An Article V Convention?

VideoRobert Fowler--About an Article V Convention, June 11, 2007

VideoNelson Lee Walker- About an Article V Convention May 26, 2007

VideoNelson Lee Walker--Congress is ignoring Article V of the Constitution - A clear-cut violation of the law May 5, 2007

Video"Breakin' down the Constitution: Article V; skinnychef January 3, 2009

VideoBill Walker and John De Herrera discussion Article V of the Constitution, May 15, 2006


Interview with Bill Walker on "Talk of the Town" Radio station KGFW-AM Kearney, Nebraska, April 17, 2017

AudioInterview with Bill Walker on the TRP Show, August 12, 2016

AudioInterview of FOAVC co-Founder Bill Walker with Andrea Shea King Blog Talk Radio, January 5, 2009

AudioThird Interview of  FOAVC co-Founder Bill Walker with Gary Wood and Jason Wood on the March of Liberty Blog Talk Show, September 28, 2008

AudioSecond Interview of FOAVC co-Founder Bill Walker with Gary Wood and Jason Wood on the March of Liberty Blog Talk Show, August 23, 2008

AudioInterview of FOAVC co-Founder Bill Walker with Gary Wood and Jason Wood on the March of Liberty Blog Talk Show, August 10, 2008

AudioNelson Lee Walker explains why we need a Congressional Term Limits Amendment, July 20, 2008

AudioFOAVC Audio: (July 20, 2008)-- "Stop The Presses! FOAVC co-Founder Bill Walker responds to the Richard Ward Fatherly 1989 audio recording "The Constitutional Convention Con-Game"

AudioFOAVC co-Founder Joel S. Hirschhorn interviewed by Craig S. Barnes, November 28, 2007

AudioFOAVC co-Founder Joel S. Hirschhorn interviewed by Jon Fox on the Head-On Radio Network, June 20, 2007