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Page 15--Links Page

Pro Article V Convention Websites

Many groups and individuals have, over the years, created online websites to support an Article V Convention. Most websites are created with the purpose of advancing a specific amendment proposal such as a balanced budget amendment or repeal of federal income tax. Our links page provides a small sample of these websites. Over time, as is true in all the Internet, sites are abandoned for various reasons and the links become invalid. Therefore FOAVC assumes no liability as to the current status of any website link listed on this page.

Publication of a site link does not imply support by FOAVC of any amendment proposal, political party or candidate. It does not imply support for any position or statement made by any person or persons on any subject they may publish on that website. It is the understanding of FOAVC that at the time of publication the site had expressed support for an Article V Convention. This is the sole criteria for FOAVC listing the site on this page.

If FOAVC receives notice the site is no longer active or no longer supports an Article V Convention we will of course remove the link in question. It is understood anyone using the links provided here assume all risks associated with going on websites on the Internet. FOAVC provides these links as a courtesy and is not responsible for any content, offensive statement or any other issue which may arise as a result of anyone using the links below.

Anyone knowing of other pro-convention websites should contact FOAVC using our contacts page. Anyone encountering any issue with a link below is requested to contact FOAVC.


This website was created by FOAVC co-Founder Bill Walker and provides detailed legal information about his two federal lawsuits, Walker v United States and Walker v Members of Congress. The latter suit was appealed to the Supreme Court of the United States. The site is intended to be a public repository of all legal filings made during the course of the lawsuit together with any other legal filings Mr. Walker made in relation to an Article V Convention. As of the date shown below Walker v Members of Congress is the only lawsuit ever appealed to the United States Supreme Court on the subject of an Article V Convention.


This website, created by Gordon Hayduk provides information on a proposed 28th Amendment to the Constitution as well as presenting several other facts regarding an Article V Convention.


This site, operated by FOAVC co-Founder Tom Brennan is a personal blog in which Judge Brennan discusses numerous issues and subjects of his own choosing including an Article V Convention. Judge Brennan was formerly Chief Justice of the Michigan State Supreme Court and founded Cooley Law School.


This site, operated by State Legislators Article V Caucus, presents, as its name implies, information to state legislators on the progress of the Article V Convention.

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