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Page 9--The Article V.Org Page

MarksFOAVC believes the activities of the organization Article V.Org led by Dan Marks warrant a full page. At the time of the events described below Mr. Marks was living in the state of Hawaii. He has since moved to the continental United States. Ironically, the state of Hawaii is the only state which has never submitted an application to Congress for a convention call. Despite this Mr. Marks and his organization ArticleV.Org can probably be credited with causing the official count of state applications for an Article V Convention call currently occurring in Congress.

In April, 2013 Mr. Marks sent a letter to the Clerk of the House of Representatives Karen Haas inquiring as to the official congressional count state applications submitted to Congress by the states for an Article V Convention call. The letter included the text of 42 state applications published in the Congressional Record. Mr. Marks had earlier contacted the House Parliamentarian Tom Wickman who suggested Mr. Marks direct his inquiry to Ms. Haas.

Mr. Marks stated in a later interview the reason he made the inquiry was various groups throughout the years had cited a variety of  numbers as to the number of applying states submitting applications to Congress. However there appeared to be no reference to any official count of applications recorded by Congress. Assuming this was an oversight on the part of these groups Mr. Marks made in his inquiry hoping to establish once and for all what was the official count of applying states by Congress.

Instead that inquiry revealed the primary reason a convention call has never occurred. House of Representatives Counsel Kirk Boyle was forced to admit Congress had never bothered to establish a methodology to count the applications so that a convention call could occur. Thus, despite the Constitution mandating Congress call a convention "on the application" of the several state legislatures and despite the fact the states had submitted over 500 applications enough to cause several calls by Congress,  Congress had never bothered to compile a single state application for the purpose of actually obeying the Constitution. In short, Congress had deliberately ignored the Constitution for over 200 years.

To rectify this constitutional embarrassment in June 2013, Boyle requested Mr. Marks' permission to submit his 50 page letter of inquiry to the House Judiciary Committee for "consideration." (Note: On May 5, 1789 the House of Representatives made it clear no application was to be submitted to a House committee for its "consideration" See: Page 11 C). Mr. Marks gave his permission in July, 2013 allowing the letter to be submitted to the committee but made it clear he would not tolerate the committee burying his request.

In January, 2015 with a rule change in the House of Representatives Rules, the House Judiciary Committee began, for the first time in United States history, compiling applications for an Article V Convention call  submitted by the states into a list of "purported" applications by the states. The reason the applications are referred to as "purported" is the list of applications has not been reviewed by the Senate which must do so before the list can become an "official" list of Congress. The committee published (and continues to publish) copies of the original documents of application received by Congress from the state legislatures.

It soon became apparent however that the House Judiciary Committee did not realize the scope of the problem they had taken on for themselves. Having ignored the applications for centuries the applications were simply recorded in the Congressional Record haphazardly as described in the Congressional Record in November, 1977 then sent to the national archives at the end of each congressional session where they were buried among millions of pages of congressional record. The applications were not even indexed. Thus the committee faced the daunting task of going through every box of record stored in the national archives to locate the applications.

To address this issue, Congressman Luke Messer introduced a bill which required the staff of the National Archives (who are better equipped and many times larger than the house committee) locate the applications within a period of two years following passage of the bill. At present, (November, 2016) the bill remains in the House Judiciary Committee.

The articles detailing the Dan Marks letters are published below in publication order.


Article V Seeks Congressional Count of Applications

At the suggestion of United States House of Representatives Parliamentarian Tom Wickman, Dan Marks of has sent a letter of inquiry to Karen Haas, Clerk for the United States House of Representatives. The purpose of the letter is to obtain the official congressional count of state applications for an Article V Convention call currently on file with the Congress of the United States. More....

Congress Sets State Applications As Zero; Passes Law Mandating Delegates Be Elected

In only what can be only described as a kiss off response Kirk Boyle, legal counsel of the House of Representatives responded in a one page letter to Dan Marks' request for an official count of state applications currently recognized by Congress for an Article V Convention call. The sheer volume of applications in question is best appreciated by examination of this map.

Mr. Boyle’s response was succinct—number of applying states counted by Congress: zero. Mr. Boyle stated Karen Haas, Clerk of the House of Representatives, More...

Dan Marks Sends Application Request Letter to Senate; A Response to Mr. Boyle

By Bill Walker

Following rejection of his request for an official count of applications by Kirk D. Boyle, Legal Counsel for the United States House of Representatives, Dan Marks has sent a similar letter to Elizabeth MacDonough, Parliamentarian for the Senate of the United States. More....

Dan Marks Okay's House Committee Review; Gohmert Notified

In a two page letter to Kirk Boyle, legal counsel for the United States House of Representatives, Dan Marks of Article took a historic, if little noticed step, regarding an Article V Convention call. More....

AVC and Congress, the Continuing Saga

There are many mysteries surrounding many historic events. For example, who fired the first shot at Lexington? Presumably with a field full of people facing each other, the smoke from a single fired rifle would be clearly obvious. More....

Regarding the Fourth Week of July

Whether by coincidence or design the fourth week of July 2014 will go down in history as one of the most important in the Article V Convention movement. The time of events advancing an Article V Convention call being measured in months or years is gone. More....

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