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Page 5 C--Articles about COS, CFA

FOAVC has published several articles dealing with the Convention of States and Compact for America and material related to the COS/CFA position. We invite you to read the articles as they provide further information about COS/CFA. The articles are listed in publication order. In some instances articles appear on other pages of this website. In addition links are provided to various Congressional Research Service (CRS) reports which mention or discuss COS/CFA.

The ALEC Article V Convention Report, the CATO Proposal--Examining the Errors

By Bill Walker

When in the course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind demands such dissolution be based on accurate information least mankind come to the conclusion the people are idiots.

With apologies for my literary license of Thomas Jefferson, nevertheless I believe if he were alive he would express a similar sentiment to the above paragraph if he read the ALEC Report entitled "Proposing Constitutional Amendments by a Convention of the States: A Handbook for State Lawmakers." More....

A Case Study in Same Subject Convention--
Be Careful What You Ask For--You May Get It

As part of its continuing policy of updating the only compilation of state applications for an Article V Convention call employing original public record in existence, Friends of the Article V Convention (FOAVC) often researches the Congressional Record to locate new applications submitted by the states for an Article V Convention call. More....

The 1973 ABA Report--The First Stab at the Constitution

By Bill Walker

Recently an old acquaintance of mine who goes by the name "Publius" on the website "Free Republic" published an excerpt from the 1973 ABA Report concerning an Article V Convention. As Publius has not revealed his name I will respect his privacy and not publish it here. More....

The Diabolical Plot of Compact for America--A Blueprint for Disaster

By Bill Walker

In a recent email to me Nick Dranias, the major proponent of "Compact for America" (CFA), an organization advocating the states use the compact clause of the Constitution to compel Congress to call an Article V Convention, stated, "Let's say, hypothetically, you were right [that a convention call is based on a simple numeric count of applying states with no terms or conditions]. What has your theory and hundreds of applications got you? The short answer is nothing. If for no other reason than the complete and utter failure of the "buck shot" approach, you should try our [Compact for America] approach. More....

Liberty Amendments Miss the "Mark"

In his newly released book, “The Liberty Amendments—Restoring The American Republic” national conservative radio talk show host Mark R. Levin discusses an Article V Convention and offers twelve amendments he believes a convention should propose. To its credit his book has caused a stir of public interest in an Article V Convention. This is no surprise given the fact Americans are totally fed up with the national government and are desperate for a solution—any reasonable solution—so long as it works. Whatever other issues surround Article V, it is irrefutable—amendments work.

Unfortunately, Levin’s book is a perfect example of a golden opportunity deliberately perverted to advance a dangerous political agenda having nothing to do with “his” proposed amendments. Combined with the fact the book is woefully inaccurate, misleading and was obsolete before publication Levin’s book is presently worthless—except for the fact, as already noted, it has greatly raised public awareness about an Article V Convention. More....

Regarding the Fourth Week of July

By Bill Walker

Whether by coincidence or design the fourth week of July 2014 will go down in history as one of the most important in the Article V Convention movement. The time of events advancing an Article V Convention call being measured in months or years is gone. Now events happen within days of one another. More....

People v Natelson: The FEC Showdown
Regulation Vote Signals Fed Decision on Rogue AVC Fiduciary Theory

A decision by the Federal Elections Commission (FEC) on a petition to change the regulatory definition of elected federal office to include delegates to an Article V Convention has become the battleground to determine whether an Article V Convention will be an open, freely elected convention or is hijacked by well financed special interests bent on making a convention nothing more than an orchestrated showpiece for their own political agenda. More....

Natelson Lays AVC Rules Egg

In yet another example of academic narcissism Robert G. Natelson, "foremost scholar" in the Article V movement released a draft version of proposed operational "rules" for an Article V Convention in the last week in July. Per his usual custom Natelson's primary source of reference for his 'rules" was himself who he quoted extensively. More....

Correcting Robert Natelson Again

By Bill Walker

Recent events cause me to write yet another article correcting the factual errors of Robert Natelson, so called "article V scholar." If Robert Natelson was, in fact, a scholar instead of factual charlatan my life would be much simpler. Robert Natelson is consistently factually inaccurate. He ignores relevant facts, twists them to suit his own purpose or misstates them. More....

Plethora of AVC Activity Marks First Week in November

"Busy" best describes Article V Convention activities in the first week of November. The week featured filings in two court cases, a report on the current status of Article V Advocacy groups and request by a member of Congress for inspection of Article V Convention state applications currently in the custody of the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA). More....

Which Way Now Bob?

By Bill Walker

One thing that amazes me in the Article V movement is how Robert Natelson can, without shame, shed his position on an issue like a snake shedding his skin and how people let him get away with it without calling him on it. I'm not one of them; though in this case I am happy to endorse his new coat. More....

Robert Natelson v Compact for America
A Political Lesson in How to Beat Your Enemy by Destroying Yourself

In what is best described as a prostitution of his beliefs Robert G. Natelson of Convention of States (COS) fame has, for the second time, attacked his old boss from the Goldwater Institute Nick Dranias, now executive director of Compact for America (CFA) in a recently released "legal treatise." More....

Robert Natelson v Compact for America

A Political Lesson in How to Beat Your Enemy by Destroying Yourself Round Two

By Bill Walker

Having been distracted with personal issues which still plague me but finding at last some time to begin again to comment on events regarding the Article V movement, I'd like to discuss the continuing saga of Robert Natelson v Compact for America, (CFA), round two. More....

Robert Natelson's Latest ALEC Report; a Study in Contradiction

When someone is trying to persuade other people to their political point of view, the worse mistake they can make is contradiction. It is bade enough to be contradictory in speech; it approaches a mortal political sin when the contradiction can be demonstrated in print. More....

ASL Proposes Somewhat Usable Rules for Convention

There are five steps in the Article V Convention process needed to bring about a convention. The first step is "Why"--why should a convention be held? State legislatures determine the "why" by submitting applications for convention consideration. More....

COS Publishes Proposed Amendments
September 27, 2016

The political organization Convention of States (COS) today published five amendment proposals which the organization believes should be added to the Constitution. More....

Proposed COS Amendments Sent to Congress
October 14, 2016

By Bill Walker

Sometimes in politics the best strategy to expose something is to go along with it--briefly. With that in mind this past weekend I sent the five proposed amendments from the Virginia Convention of States (COS) of September 21-23 to Congress requesting Congress formally commence choice of raticiation mode for the proposed amendments as specified in Article V. More....

Congressional Research Service Reports

Over the years the Congressional Research Service (CRS) has published various reports on an Article V Convention. These reports are used by Congress to help formulate policy on various legislative issues in Congress. According to the CRS website,"The Congressional Research Service (CRS) serves as a shared staff to congressional committees and Members of Congress. CRS experts assist at every state of the legislative process ---from the early considerations of that precede bill drafting, through committee hearings and floor debate, to the oversight of enacted laws and various agency activities."

CRS has published three reports in the last several years which discuss COS/CFA. The links to these reports are:



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