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Welcome to Our Packets Page

Don't need a lot of detail about the facts? Understood. Your time is precious. Our Packets Page is the place for you. We provide a link to the bare minimum information on a particular subject about an Article V Convention. That information may be in the form of a pdf file, a picture of a public record or a brief statement. If you have a question you can't find an answer to go to our Contact page. We'll be happy to answer it and post it on this page. Just click and go!

Packet 1: The official count by Congress of the first set of applications to cause a convention call.

Packet 2: The actual public record of BBA applications.

Packet 3: Rescissions are illegal

Packet 4: The "Runaway" Convention Never Existed

Packet 5: Counting Applications Correctly--Numerically

Packet 6: It's a Convention of the People, Not the States

Packet 7: What is the Stivers Rule?

Packet 8: What Does the 14th Amendment Have to Do With an Article V Convention?

Packet 9: The Burger Letter is A Phony

Packet 10: Why the COS Convention Was "Real" and not "Simulated"

Packet 11: Why an Article V Convention?

Packet 12: What is the John Birch Society Trying to accomplish by opposing a convention?

Packet 13: What doesn't the Convention of States want the People involved in a Convention?

Packet 14: Why are Convention Delegates Elected and not Appointed?

Packet 15: How many Applications have the States Submitted for convention calls?

Packet 16: Can State Legislators face Criminal Charges for Supporting JBS, COS?

Packet 17: Can State Legislatures Regulate a Convention in Real Time?

Packet 18: Is the "Convention of States" New?

Packet 19: What is the Messer Bill?

Packet 20: Has the Senate of the United States Ever Counted the Applications?

Packet 21: Was the 2017 Arizona application a "Convention of States" application or not?

Packet 22: What is the Big Difference Between an Article V Convention and a Convention of States?

Packet 23: Who is Robert Natelson and What Does He Stand For?

Packet 24: Is the state legislature and the state as used in the Constitution synonymous?

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