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The Purpose of FOAVC

FOAVC is the only group which relies on the public record as the basis for our information. The public record is the only correct and true source for information about an Article V Convention that exists. Our goal is to see the American public is informed about the true facts about an Article V Convention. Thus you will read things on this site you can read nowhere else.

The Article V Convention exists in the Constitution which is a form of public law and record. Any question about a convention is therefore answered by public law and record. The public law and record concerning a convention is extensive. FOAVC will not apologize for reporting the massive, overwhelming and accurate public record and law which provides the information necessary for the American people to make informed decisions about an Article V Convention.

In honor of our tenth anniversary (2007-2017) we have redesigned our website to make it more reader friendly much like what you might read in your local newspaper. We have enlarged our type font to make the site easier to read. We have attempted wherever possible to present our material in short paragraphs for easier reading. We have added numerous graphics throughout our site such as the painting of our logo donated to us by Steve Ladd. These graphics provide direct reference information on various subjects discussed on our site.

In the past we had to reserve a great deal of information about an Article V Convention due to technical limitations. Our new website format permits us to present all relevant information about an Article V Convention most of which is not published by other Article V Convention websites and certainly not by anti-convention websites. This full public record makes a major difference when reaching conclusions about an Article V Convention. Convenient links to all pages in our site can be found at the top of each page. Each page of our site is dedicated to a particular subject regarding an Article V Convention.

New to the AVC Movement? You can read the +550 applications already submitted by the states, then our FAQ page (currently under construction) and Articles page. The top stories about current events in the Article V Convention movement can be found on this page. If you have questions, please use our Contacts page.

Page Last Updated: 9 APRIL 2017