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September 12, 2017
Lack of Rules Stops AVC Movement Cold

Recent discussion with House of Representatives Parliamentarian Tom Wickham, Congressman Jared Polis (D-CO) and FOAVC supporters provided the actual reason Congress, despite hundreds of applications from all 50 state legislatures, has never called an Article V Convention. The reason: Congress has no rules in place to count the applications and issue the necessary convention call. Without procedural rules in place no convention call will ever be issued by Congress irrespective of whether state applications contain identical language, address the same subject or are counted numerically regardless of subject and language because no process exists for Congress to count the applications and issue the convention call. You can see a video discussing the problem at this link. (Note: if this link does work on your computer, please use this link.) Further information can be read here.
August 15, 2017
FOAVC Releases First Part of Financials
FOAVC today released the first of a two part investigation into the financial records of the political organizations Compact for America and Convention of States. The first part of the investigation concerns the financial records of Compact for America. Information regarding Convention of States will be released at a later date. The information may be read at this link. Those desiring only brief summation of the investigation may use this link to do so.

May 21, 2017
Congress Reaches 39 AVC Count

As of May, 2017 Congress has reached a count of 39 applying states for an Article V Convention call. The 39 states comprising the committee list can be found here. A map showing the applying states appears below.

Since 2015 the House Judiciary Committee has been gathering applications from the state legislatures for an Article V Convention call and publishing them on its website. As explained elsewhere so-called rescissions do not count as no provision in the Constitution allows states to rescind applications. Further, federal law prohibits members of Congress from removing federal public record. Therefore all state applications are still valid and in full force.

Indeed the full public record of state applications shows the states have submitted sufficient applications to cause several convention calls. Based on the total number of applications in the public record and the fact the committee has failed to record several state applications thus far in its collection, it may be some time before the committee produces a totally accurate and complete list of state applications. The committee has been releasing about 12 new state applications each month.

For example, the committee skipped the year 1979 entirely in its initial count but has since counted some, but not all, of the state applications from 1979. The public record showed that in 1979, seven states (Colorado, Maryland, New Mexico, North Carolina, Indiana, Washington, and Iowa) submitted applications for an Article V Convention. In September, 2016 the committee recorded the applications of Iowa, Indiana and New York thus completing the necessary set of 34 applications.

However the terms of the Constitution do not permit Congress to wait on the committee to gather all applications in its list before it is obligated to call a convention. Article V states, "on the application...Congress shall call a convention for proposing amendments." Thus, based on the record of applications already gathered Congress must issue a convention call.

April 9, 2017

Messer Reintroduces AVC Count Legislation for 2017

By Bill Walker

MesserIndiana Republican Congressman Luke Messer has reintroduced legislation to create the first official list of state Article V Convention applications in United States history. The bill, H.R. 1742 was submitted on March 27, 2017 and is currently before three House committees--the House Judiciary Committee, the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee and House Rules Committee. No further action has been reported in any of the committees.

Similar to the legislation introduced last year,
H.R. 5306, when signed into law H.R. 1742 will create the first official list of state Article V Convention applications in United States history. The purpose of the bill is to provide a permanent replacement to the current method of gathering the state applications used by Congress.

StiversIn 2015 Congressman Steve Stivers, (R-OH) introduced a rule change in the House of Representatives (House Rule Section 3c) which created a collection of Article V Convention applications through the House Judiciary Committee but not an official list. This was the first time in United States history Congress created any process for counting state applications. Before the rule was implemented, the official count of state applications by Congress stood at zero. In the two years since the rule was instigated the committee has managed to gather 140 applications containing at least one set of applications representing applications by two thirds of the several states.

Congressman Messer's bill requires the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) gather all applications from its archives and electronically publish them within five years of enactment of the law. Under current law NARA can refuse to do this, which it has, as it contends the records in question are actually property of Congress rather than NARA. Current law only permits NARA to store congressional records; it is not permitted to conduct searches of those records. 

FOAVC has enthusiastically supported the Messer bill. In its latest letter of support FOAVC co-founder Bill Walker explained the urgent need for such legislation. "Within the 140 applications officially recognized by the House Judiciary Committee are applications from two thirds of the states. Whether used in combination with the official count by the United States Senate or by itself, under the terms of Article V, Congress is obligated to call the conventions required based on the official records of Congress. Congress has taken no action to fulfill its constitutional obligation whatsoever. The list of applications already officially acknowledged by the House Judiciary Committee and the United States Senate is attached. The American public has the right to hold elected conventions to consider alterations to our form of government. The record keeping issue is not whether conventions should be called, but how many. Only AVRTA can answer that."

Other organizations sending letters of support included Compact for America, the Compact Commission and Convention of States.



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